FAQs Page

Why ?

RentKarde provides an online platform for everyone who wants to rent products as well as those who want to give their products on rent. RentKarde is extremely user friendly, helping you find your desired products as well as posting your products as easy as possible.

Who can use Rentkarde ?

If you are a vendor in the renting industry or an individual having products lying idly at home & office and want to make some money out of it or simply save money by renting a product, RentKarde is the place for you.

How does Rentkarde work?

Simply search for your product from our listed category, select the best product which you would want to rent, connect with the renter. You will get the rentee / vendor details. Simply contact the rentee / vendor, pay him the deposit & rent amount, negotiate terms & take the product for rent. Enjoy the rent period & return the product after the rented period. Don’t forget to take the deposit back.

Who is a Rentee & a Renter?

Renter is the person/vendor who has products to offer & posts his product out for rent. Rentee is the person who wants to rent the product from the Renter/Vendor.

What products are available on rent currently on

White goods, massagers, clots, segways etc

What is the difference between vendor / individual ?

Vendor is a company who is already into a renting business, renting out cycles or electronics. An individual can be anyone who may have products to rent. He need not have a company registered for renting.

How many products can individual list ?

There is no limit to list the number of products. If you have a large number of products to list, please reach to us & we will help you list them effectively.

How many products can vendor list ?

There is no limit to the number of products to be listed for Vendor. If the company has more than 500 products, it would be advisable to contact us so that we can effectively manage their RentKarde inventory.

What are the listing fees of RentKarde?

There is no charges to list products for rent on RK nor do we charge if you find any products to rent. Our service is absolutely free of cost.

Which cities is RK currently operating in?

We are operating only in Mumbai currently. If you are from another city & would like to be associated with us please mail on

What is the vendor booking panel ?

The VBP is where you will get the leads which are generated by the search results. You can manage your bookings, see your products listed, edit any products, see total number of booking, availability of any product, make offline bookings. VBP would help you to manage your store in a better way.

How do I rent out my products ?

Click on 'Post your Ad'. Fill the details of the product, fill the attributes & then submit the product. Our moderator will have a quick check of the listing & then list the product. Once the product is listed you will get an email confirmation.

What is the rental value of the product ?

The rental value is displayed in daily rent, weekly rent & monthly rent. The rent value is decided by the renter based on the product features & quality, keeping in mind the current market value of the product.

What is the deposit amount of the product being rented out?

Deposit amount is generally taken for the security of the owner of the product. On a general method the deposit amount is calculated on basis of the age of the product. Older the product less should be deposit amount. Deposit amount cannot be more then the MRP if the product. Ideally it should be 50-60% to the market value of the product.

What documents should I take from the Rentee before renting out the product?

It is recommended to take 1 ORIGINAL ID PROOF from Rentee before renting out any product. Accept only AADHAR/DRIVING LICENSE/PASSPORT.Apart from that, a deposit amount is must. We also recommend to check the social media profile of the Rentee to find out if possible a mutual friend available on facebook/ instagram etc.

What happens once the I receive a lead ?

In the lead, you will receive the information about the person who is interested in renting the product. You can either call him or wait for his call. Once you both have met, kindly do the booking in the VBP. Your product will be unavailable for the number of days you have made the booking for your client.

What are buffer days?

Buffer days are the additional days you would require to make the product available again for the clients after a particular renting period. For example, if you rented out a Sherwani for 3 days, you can keep 1-2 days as a buffer period before making the Sherwani available for renting again. If the product belongs to any other category where a buffer period may not be required, you can keep the buffer days as "0".

What if the category or sub category the product belongs to is currently unavailable on RentKarde?

Please write to us on with all your details about the category you want to list, number of products etc and we will intimate you once we have launched that particular category. In case of sub category, we can immediately list that once we have a word with you.

What if the product is damaged by the Rentee?

If any product is returned in damaged condition to you by the rentee then we would urge you to ask the renter to pay for the repairs of the damage. You can deduct the amount from the deposit. If the product is irrepairable then you can ask the rentee to replace the product. You should also email us the incident immediately & we will block the particular renter from renting any further products using RK.

What products can I get on rent?

Please go through the Category tab to see our current available categories to rent from.

How do I take a product on rent from the Renter?

Simply search for your product from our listed category, select the best product which you would want to rent, connect with the Renter. You will get the renter / vendor details. Simply contact the renter / vendor, pay him the deposit & rent amount, negotiate terms & avail the product on rent. Enjoy the rent period & return the product after the rented period. Don’t forget to take the deposit back.

How can I cancel my reservation of a particular product?

Once you have clicked on "Connect to Renter", the vendor gets a lead which has your details. There is no booking made unless you call up that vendor & confirm the booking with him. Hence there is no need to worry if you have clicked on "Connect to Renter" & not contacted him. But we would urge not to do so as this will lower your rating on RK.

How can I report if the product given is different from the product listed?

We would request to please email us the details with the product ID & images of the product you have received. We will look into that matter & if any fault found we shall de-list that product & lower the vendor rating. You can also rate the vendor.

What is product ID & where do we find it?

Product ID is a Numeric code which is been given to each product which has been listed. The code is unique for each listed product. You can find this code on the product profile page.

Can I get logistic support from

Yes, we can provide logistic support. Please mail / call us on 0091-2222222 with the product ID & delivery address. Our experts will help you with the exact logistics cost for picking up and dropping off the product. You can also ask the Renter to provide logistics if they have such service available.

Can I pay the deposit amount & renter amount on

No, we are not providing that service at the moment. You would have to pay the deposit & rental amount directly to the renter. We will be providing the service soon.

How do I ensure the safety of my product which I am renting to stranger?

We at Rentkarde believe there is always a common link to any human on this planet.We should always try to find that out to build trust.Following is the checklist to ensure safety of your product :

1) Check the facebook / Instagram profile of the Rentee once you get the lead. Find a mutual friend if possible and seek reference.

2) Collect Original ID proof before renting.Accept AADHAR/DRIVING LICENCE/PASSPORT only.

3) Collect Refundable Deposit by cash/cheque. You may waive of the deposit if you have a strong mutual connection.

4) Before returning above security items, check the working condition of the product.